.sch.ng Domain Name Registration

.sch.ng domains are intended for Nigerian non-tertiary academic institutions.

Optional Addons

DNS Management

Manage advanced aspects of the domain including A, AAAA, MX, TXT and other DNS records – with ease.

Domain Forwarding

Where necessary, you can choose to have traffic to your domain forwarded to another web address.

WHOIS Privacy

This optional feature allows the private contact details of the domain owner to be hidden from the public WHOIS record.

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About .sch.ng domain

.sch.ng Domains are primarily intended for Nigerian Primary schools, Secondary schools and other non-degree awarding institutions.

The .sch.ng SLD is a closed one and reserved for both primary and secondary schools as designated and approved by various levels of the Nigerian government. Also, schools accredited and approved by other agencies like the CPN are eligible for registration under this domain.

Qualification Criteria for.SCH.NG Domains

An applicant for a .sch.ng domain has to be:

  1. a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria; or
  2. a partnership as defined by the Partnership laws of Nigeria or
  3. a sole trader/registered business name;


Approved and registered by the relevant accreditation body and government for the provision of Non-Degree awarding institutions.


.edu.ng Domain Requirements

Minimum length


Maximum length


Special Characters

IDNs are not available for .sch.ng


1 to 5 Years

Local Presence

Not Required

Other Ts & Cs

Some .sch.ng domains are manually vetted by the .ng registry

Domain Life Cycle

.sch.ng domains will be purged in about 102 days after expiry.

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.sch.ng WHOIS

You can look up the public records of any .sch.ng domain name by making use of our .sch.ng WHOIS Lookup Tool.
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