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Domain ID Protection


Mask your personal or company details from hackers, spammers

and identity thieves by with our domain ID protect service.

Every domain purchased from us is secured, as it should be.

Under ICANN rules, registered domain names must have publicly-accessible “WHOIS” contact information; which includes the registrant’s full name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. Owning a domain name shouldn’t mean you need to sacrifice privacy: WHOIS Privacy Protection helps to solve this problem. Fully compliant with ICANN rules, it replaces your contact information with ours. If we receive any correspondence intended for you, we’ll forward it to you free of charge.


Registrant Contact Info



Whois Agent
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
PO Box 639
Kirkland, WA 98083
Phone: +1 425 274 0657


Registrant Contact Info



Jane Smith
7 Commercial Street
West Yorkshire
LS27 8HX

Domain ID Protection

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Protects Your Privacy

With your private contact information hidden from the public record, your privacy will be assured given that the domain contact details placed in the WHOIS record will be in no way traceable to you.

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Helps Prevent Spam

With Domain ID Protection, as the owner of the domain, you will remain contactable through email. We will apply a special cloaking email address that will forward any emails sent to your inbox to make sure your personal address does not become a target for spam.

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Complies With ICANN

Even though it won’t be your own details directly attributed to the domain, you will always be the legal owner and remain in control. At all times you will be able to modify the settings of your domain, including ID Protection from your control panel.

Can people still contact me?

When you register a domain name, your contact information will be known to the Domain Id Protection service provider and any communications they receive will be forwarded to you. If it is an e-mail, it will be forwarded to the e-mail address which they have on record from you. If it is a fax or letter, they will forward the letter to your place of residence.