Da-Manager helps brands and agencies build profitable connections with digital and social media audience

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the best marketing strategy to reach the highest target. Da-Manager provides complete digital marketing services for brands and agencies. These services include search, display, SMS, and email advertising. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and our team keeps up with these new trends to help clients receive the value for their online investments.


Our first strategy is designed to meet the unique needs of the African digital space, through our formidable relationships with leading platforms to give the best satisfaction to our clients.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The strategy is the heart of every digital marketing engagement. Our team designs a user-centred digital strategy, which connects brands to the target audience.


The team also offers localised solutions tailored to meet client’s specific needs by involving them throughout the strategy design process.

Content Marketing

Digital marketing has gained dominance over traditional marketing. Da-Manager strives to aid businesses still operating with traditional methods to transit to digital methods easily. Our team achieve this by helping the brand create and distribute valuable content, which consistently attracts and retain an audience.

ORM & Strategic Communications

Da-Manager digital marketing services provides highly confidential Online Reputation Management and strategic communications services for brands, public service, and HNIs.

Our ORM services are designed for a high impact on online and offline channels.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

As the internet and social media increase the speed of information sharing, brands and individuals become more vulnerable to negative exposure.


Our Online Reputation Management service is designed to reinforce the brand’s positive reputation. If, or when clients are negatively exposed, our ORM team helps to manage the fallout.

Public Service/Political Communication

Da-Manager digital marketing service has consistently delivered simple, high impact strategies for public service communication.


Our team has advised some of the most successful political campaigns in Nigeria at national and state levels. We have also helped public service organisations deliver high impact communications.


User Experience (UX) design helps product owners build the right applications and web products for the target audience through digital marketing. Our UX model has modified Google’s UX to help solve local product design problems; enhance UX during the early stage and upgrade stages of product development.


The in-house technology team delivers top-of-class web and product design services, providing a hassle-free backend for brands’ digital marketing engagements. Our technology team delivers high-performance applications on the web and mobile platforms. Clients include private institutions and government.


We deliver cross-platform app development services, which help our clients render digital products and services to mobile and mobile web platforms. The end-to-end nature of our team helps clients take applications from the coding desk to the market place.

Digital Publishing

Da-Manager provides quality digital marketing solutions for Nigerian brands and brands all over the world, allowing these businesses to deliver rich media content to users on mobile and tablet devices. Thereby aiding the transition from paper to digital publishing to reduce costs and increase reach.

Social Media

The online generation is increasingly more connected. To connect, brands have to tell more engaging stories. We help brands develop and maintain a consistent voice on social media platforms. To keep up with social media evolution, our team is constantly experimenting with new ideas, to find new connections with social media audiences.

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