Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Social media marketing tips to grow your business is essential to facilitate high awareness in the mind of the users for business transactions. What is Social media? It is the interactions among people in which they create and exchange information, ideas in virtual networks and communities. The power of social media is the ability to connect and distribute information to many people at the same time. It is also internet-based and gives users quick electronic communication of content. What is social media marketing? It is a form of internet marketing that makes use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales and drive website traffic to acquire and retain prospective customers.

According to Internet World Stats, social media has over 3.96 billion users globally, which confirms that 63% of the population of the world is currently on social media. The most growing web page-based platform is social media. It has a variety of tech-based enabled activities such as blogging, photo sharing, social gaming, social networks, video and picture sharing, business networks, virtual worlds, reviews, and many more. 

For businesses, it is an indispensable tool because it plays a major role in helping businesses to strive for maximum success. One-fifth of every internet user frequently uses social media daily. Many businesses have harnessed the social media platform to acquire fame and relevance for their businesses through its ever-increasing users. 


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The below information shows the need why every business needs social media to reach the highest audience globally; The numbers of users for some of the social media platform as of January 2021 include Facebook – 2.701 billion users, YouTube – 2 Billion users,  Whatsapp – 2 Billion, Messenger – 1.3 Billion users, Wechat – 1.206 Billion users, Instagram – 1.158 Billion users, Linkedin – 0.766 Billion users, Tik Tok – 0.689 Billion users, Twitter- 0.353 Billion users.

From the above social media users summary, we can assert that Kate Denison’s statement which says “ The truth is that your clients, existing and potential are spending a substantial amount of time online” is true. This means Internet users are either surfing, listening, watching, learning, purchasing or working and businesses through their platform can use this knowledge to their benefits.

The usefulness of social media marketing tips includes increasing brand awareness, reaching potential clients, building a brand’s credibility and reliability to foster better relationships with clients, and retaining old and new client’s loyalty to the brand.

There are several social media marketing tips to develop a business and some of these tips are discussed below: 

    1. Retain Same Design of Branding Page: A brand’s social media profile is the first impression of the brand to its potential clients. So when a brand’s virtual is the same across all its platforms, it shows the brand’s orderliness and cohesiveness. This approach gives the brand a unique social media presence needed to gain the trust of its users.

    3. Build a Good SEO Content for your Profile: A precise and concise SEO content of a brand’s profile provides the perfect description of what the brand entails for clarification and easy understanding for the clients. Hence, never neglect the role of the brand’s profile section of all the accounts. Ensure that the brand’s profile description maintains the same SEO content on all accounts. The SEO used should be linked to any keywords that are relevant to the brand. use hashtags to make the brand more visible on the search volume.

    5. Display Clients Reviews: Social proof of evidence influences the majority of new client’s decisions. Displaying reviews helps to convince users that you are the best choice in the game. A brand’s reviews give more realistic details which are more believable to the clients than an X-star rate.

    7. Import the Services of Social Media Listening Tools: One major way of achieving this is by following relevant hashtags. Respond to leads, an inquiry from users in a polite and timely manner proves to your clients that you listen to them. Use social media listening tools such as keyhole and sprout social to listen to conversations to gain a more personal level with clients and keep up with your competitors. Through this method, the brand finds out what the most prominent clients want at the moment and also provides the brand with new ideas to incorporate.

    9. Join Groups: Joining groups that share similar interests with the brand gives the brand feedback that can accelerate the business’s growth, save time in proffering solutions to possible present and futuristic problems. Also, by joining groups a brand can leverage the connections and conversations shared on the groups.

    11. Display Work Sample: Let your users know after completing a project that has likeable personalised features as a way of providing a visual display of the brand’s variety of products and services.

    13. Use Flexible and Creative Content: A brand’s content should show creativity to draw the client’s attention. ln your content, inculcate the use of video, infographics, custom graphics, motion graphics rather than always sending out a simple plain message.

    15. Tag Related Content: Share knowledge about an interesting article, a helpful resource, or relevant update and tag people or groups in your contact’s list. Showing support for your network through pleasant acknowledging of other good works by tagging such brands can secure your brand a notice from such companies. This can make many people in the contact list of such companies who aren’t aware of your brand visit your account

    17. Make Use of Social Media Ads: Social Media ads are cheaper than television ads. Ads on social media can achieve the same results that television ads bring. A few years from now, social media ads will take over television ads. The best platform recommended for social media ads is Facebook and Instagram ads.

    19. Push for Traffic through Blogging: Blogging is one of the major ways to generate more traffic to the brand’s website. By linking posts on social media about an article found on the website, you acquire new leads to your website. Blogging provides the opportunity for a brand to rank in search engines. The more factual content a brand shares in its account, the more domineering and visible present it has. This consistency in content creation will help the brand rank in search engines. These blog posts could be an article, podcasts, and webinars. Implement developing video content that has good SEO so that the brand can have a good rank on YouTube searches. A shorter version of this video should be uploaded to all accounts with an attachment of a link to see the full video.

    21.  Implement the Fun Contests: Contests can be used as a fun way to give back and engage people to stick with your brand. Some contests may not require detailed information about those participating, other contests require detailed information that the brand can reach out to in the nearest future.

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In conclusion, you can start using any of the above social media marketing tips today on your social media platforms to grow and develop your brand as a reliable and credible brand. At DaManager, we manage social media accounts for brands that require such services from us alongside our other services that we render. Reach us today

Do I need a Website for My Business? 9 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes

Do I need a website for my business? A website is the company’s online identity that connotes what a brand entails. It is the parameter that makes a brand visible to online users. A website creates an accommodative online atmosphere for potential customers to decide on products and services among competitors.

Thus, a website is a marketing tool for a business because it promotes the brand. The website is a connector between a business and the target audience.

9 reasons why I need a website for my business is discussed below

  1. A good website helps to keep the target audience interested in your site instead of choosing a rival’s site over yours. These actions generate traffic for your business.
  2. When a website is regularly updated, it becomes the custodian of information for the company’s history. This action earns the trust of the target audience.
  3. A website makes a company accessible to the seen and unseen potential audience. The target users know more about the company, its products and services and also how to reach the company when they visit the site.
  4. A  website brings market expansion for the company by keeping old and new users who visit the company’s page. This action occurs when the target audience is satisfied with their findings on the site. It is often the first encounter target audience have with a brand before making a decision.
  5. A website enables a business to be available to its online and offline target audience. This action makes the business reliable and secures the trust and interest of its target consumers.
  6. A website creates awareness to a larger audience while fighting to attain a favourable position among online competitors. A website can bring popularity to gain dominance in the digital world when used properly. A website is the selling factor for many online brands.
  7. A website serves as a platform for the brand and its users to interact and exchange useful information. One of the best ways to understand and serve your target audience efficiently is through a website.
  8. A website, when optimised properly, can reduce the company’s expenditure like employees wages, utility expenses, rental services and taxes while increasing the company’s finances.
  9. A website saves time of the company and potential clients by providing answers to frequently asked questions in a section of the website page. This action makes the company easily understandable to its potential users.
people around globe

In conclusion, when businesses ask the question “do I need a website for my business?”. They should be able to get the answers they need with the above reasons because a website is the lifespan of a business. It is needed in other to survive and dominate among online competitors while maximising gross profits. Thus, if you are looking for a ‘Website Designer’ to create a user-friendly and an accessible navigating website that gives relevant content for a better user experience and product visuals, then ‘Da-Manager Digital Agency’ should be your first option to get your desired job satisfaction.

Guide: 6 Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Follow

Email marketing can be an effective way to nurture potential clients, retain existing ones and help drive sales to certain products that are otherwise invisible. Are you just getting started with an email marketing strategy for your business? That’s good! However, you definitely do not want to start bombarding total strangers with a virtual ton of unsolicited emails as a viable marketing strategy. So, how do you ensure that your emails get through those pesky spam filters and frustrated subscribers?

Fortunately, we have just the goody guideline for you…

Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Follow

Adestra shares this guide on 6 email marketing best practices you should follow in this infographic.

Here’s a quick summary of email marketing best practices:

    • Spam lingo to avoid

Spam filters are very sophisticated, so you must, by all means, avoid certain spam keywords like “free”, “click here”, “buy now”, avoid all caps, multiple special character signs, remove invalid HTML tags, hidden texts, grammar errors, anything that will reach a predetermined threshold.

    • Spray and pray approach

Segmenting your email lists helps you get better open and click rates. By narrowing your focus and sending messages to targeted groups within your lists, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant—and relevant campaigns get better results.

    • Failure to keep your data clean and up to date

Occasionally Clean up your database to avoid decay. Manage recipients, update old/expired data and clean invalid/duplicate data.

    • Email overload

Have a calendar for email marketing, do not flood mailboxes with emails, it is quite annoying and will cause subscribers to unsubscribe and blacklist you.

    • Using purchased lists

Do not send unsolicited emails. Legitimate email marketing campaigns are one in which the recipients have opted-in and added themselves to your mailing list. Sending to bought-in lists can be damaging to your email deliverability and IP reputation, this can cause email sending applications like MailChimp to blacklist you. Always do a periodic IP address check to know if your IP address has been listed on an anti-spam database.

  • No unsubscribe link

With the recent GDPR rules and regulations underway, it will be quite damaging to your brand to not include an unsubscribe button with a straightforward navigable link.

Check out the infographic for more.

Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Follow

Are you currently handling email campaigns for your business, what steps are you taking? We would like to hear from you in the comment section.


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How To Brand Your Instagram Business Page For Marketing Growth

They say aesthetics is everything in business, and if you are looking to brand awareness on social media especially Instagram, you need to look the part across your feed and stories. I mean consistency, from your logo, design aesthetics, content and color palette. Your Instagram business page is a visual representation of your brand and good aesthetic could help a possible lead decide to make a purchase or not. A good example is our Instagram Profile.

With Instagram business profiles, users get access to a ton of advanced features, like about information, contact information, highlights information, Instagram Insights, promoted posts, shopping + checkout, these can be used to positively sell your brand for better exposure and marketing growth.

In this blog post, we are sharing the top ten aesthetics you should look at to brand your Instagram business page.

  • Instagram Image/Video Size and Aspect Ratio
    Aspect ratio refers to the width of a picture in relation to its height. It’s expressed as a ratio, like 4:5 or 9:16, where the first digit represents the width and the second digit represents height. Size refers to the number of pixels that make up the width and height of your photo or video. Like aspect ratio, size is expressed by two numbers, the first representing width and the second representing height. Instagram images/videos are between 1080px : 608px for landscape, 1080px x 1350px for portrait and 1080px : 1080px for a full square photo or graphic size on feed, 1080px x 1920px for full screen stories videos, 420px x 654px for IGTV cover images and 110px x 110 px for profile images.
  • Instagram Name Optimization
    In order to get discovered on Instagram Search, you must optimize your Instagram name! Name fields on Instagram bios are now searchable, and you can take complete advantage by customizing yours to your business type and what it is about. By including important keywords in your Name field, your chances of appearing in the top results if anyone searches for those keywords will be much higher.
  • Instagram Bio Hashtags
    You can also optimize your bio with keywords and clickable hashtags for your brand and business, this can boost your chances of appearing not just in the search results for your account, but also if someone searches for the hashtag.
  • Instagram Contact
    Potential leads and customers will most likely want to contact you for inquiry and purchase, give them an array of options to chose from by updating your phone number, email and address in your bio. Another great way to brand your page and possibly improve your aesthetics thereby driving traffic to your offline location is getting verified on Google My Business and Facebook, this can help you easily tag your business on the map with your brand name showing on all posts you make and also allow you to appear in search results for that location and you can also appear in the place tab.
  • Branded Hashtags
    You can get a collection of branded hashtags for your Instagram posts that you use regularly to reach your target audience. This can be a good way for new followers interested in your niche to quickly find you, and you get to be a respected voice and thought leader in that community. You can also collaborate with other brands in your demographic and capitalize on your shared brand values.
  • Story Highlights
    Tell Instagram’s 500 million daily users your awesome story and why they should follow you with your Instagram story highlights, you can have your promotions, team members, behind the scenes videos, products, and services right in there for an unlimited time. A great way to make them pop is to use your brand color scheme and flattering icons to create each highlight.
  • Instagram Profile Bio
    Tell your customers who you are and what you’re about on your profile bio, you can use emojis and special character texts to represent bullet points
  • Instagram Profile Link
    Include the most important part of your profile; your Call-To-Action link in your bio to your website, blog post and drive traffic and followers there with each post you make. Due to Instagram allowing only one link and you probably have a lot, you should create a blank page on your website with your logo, Instagram profile name and several buttons leading to your key pages, this can help you disconnect from using a third-party app, and also allows users memorize your link URL.
  • Instagram Graphics and Photography
    Photos sharing on Instagram continue to do better than videos, and guess what, you do not need a large budget to share good graphics and photos on Instagram. Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash are great stock photography destinations with Canva being a relatively easy way to create a beautiful consistent feed, you can add your brand color scheme or palette and filter.
  • Instagram Calendar
    A well planned Instagram calendar can work wonders for your feed grid. This is why you notice certain alternating posts on major business pages, these are well-thought-out strategic posts curations to create a visually striking feed, this may seem like a lot of work but with the new wave social media, it can help a follower decide if they want to follow your page or not.

Brand your Instagram business page

We do hope that when you try out these steps, it can help you keep up with the creative trend, gain new followers and more importantly help you with marketing growth on all your social media account.


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Which CMS Should You Use for Your Business Website?

For businesses, the CMS they choose is the backbone of their online identity. It serves as the basis for any content marketing strategies you create.

Your digital content could be the best on the web, but it won’t matter if your CMS can’t manage and display it correctly. Without having the best CMS for a company website, your content won’t have the impact you desire.

The best CMS for small business websites always prioritize ease of use and control over everything else. If you’re not able to easily update the necessary content, create new pages, or publish updates in a timely manner at your convenience, having a content management system is useless. You shouldn’t have to build your website around what your CMS can and cannot support. The website you build should be able to do everything you want without compromise.

A good CMS will be able to adapt your company’s process and standards. Before choosing a content management system, ensure that you understand the functionality and test drive the ones you’re interested when you can.

So if you’re in the process of purchasing a new business website or trying to figure out which content management system is best for your business,

Capsicum Mediaworks compare their recommendations in this infographic.

You’ll find benefits for the following website platforms:


Check out the infographic for more detail.


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5 Steps To Effective Social Media Measurement

If you’re using social media, you should be measuring it. But don’t measure just for the sake of having metrics. Instead, measure your social activities so that you can learn what’s successful, what isn’t, and how you can improve.

The first step in your measurement plan should be to generate a list of what you’re trying to achieve from your social media efforts. Social media can serve a variety of purposes, from broadcasting news and information to answering customer questions and engaging with a community. What is your company trying to accomplish?

This article will be of great help if you’re looking for ways to measure the success of your social strategy, or you need to demonstrate a return on investment of your social media marketing campaigns,

Salesforce shares its guide to social media measurement in this infographic.

Here’s a quick summary:

• Align your objectives
• Measure reach and share of conversation
• Measure conversions and sales
• Track and measure your leads
• Measure your cost savings

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Social Media=========================================================

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9 Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media strategy? Want to know the best practices you should follow for social media success?

It’s fully apparent to small businesses that social media is important—more than 70% now utilize it as a marketing channel. However, figuring out exactly what works on social isn’t as clear.

Which networks should you be using? Are both organic and paid tactics worth pursuing? How often should you be engaging? Which types of content should you be posting?

The social media experts at MDG Advertising went through a host of research to see what the latest data says and combined that with learnings from recent work for clients. What emerged are a few key approaches that can help firms engage efficiently and effectively.

In the infographic below, Red Website Design share 9 best practices that can help small businesses of all types succeed on social media:

Here’s a quick summary:

• Learn everything you can about your audience
• Choose which networks to use (and which to ignore)
• Conduct an audit
Keep an eye on the competition
• Listen for mentions of your brand
• Establish your social media voice and tone
• Follow the social media ‘Rule of Thirds’
• Respond to all comments promptly
• Use data to determine when and how often to post

Check out the infographic for more detail.

social media marketing=========================================================

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8 Essential Skills to Become Ridiculously Good at Marketing

The success of your small business depends on your efforts to grow profits using various methods. From employee training to marketing, every aspect of your business deserves attention.

Rapid growth doesn’t happen overnight, but there are several steps you must take to keep your business moving forward. It takes time and effort. However, when you start reaping the benefits, you will see that your effort is worth it.

So, if you’re trying to learn about marketing to grow your small business or you want to know the key skills required to master the art of marketing,

Market Pro share their 8 skills for success in this infographic.

Here’s a quick summary:

• Agility and ability to adapt
• Cross-cultural and generational collaboration
• Digital mindset
• Strategic thinking
• Leadership and people management
• Social emotional intelligence
• Complex problem solving
• Storytelling

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Become Ridiculously Good at Marketing=========================================================

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