Ever been on social media, or reading an article when an acronym crosses your path that you don’t know?

Frustrating isn’t it?

And the problem is that new acronyms and internet slang are coming up all the time. Using them is almost a rite of passage for active and successful social media users.

As social media professionals it can be downright embarrassing when we come across a few letters that obviously are packed full of meaning but the meaning eludes us.

You might be thinking, “who cares?” or “acronyms are not that important” and that is exactly what I once thought.

I remember early in my career I was a bit late to the ICYMI game (if you don’t know what it means you NEED to keep reading, trust me). I saw it popping up everywhere and at some point my boss asked me what it meant…

However, if you’re new to the world of marketing or you’re struggling to understand some of the terminology used in the marketing industry,

Social Media Today share 8 marketing acronyms you need to know in this infographic.

Here’s what makes the list:


Check out the infographic for more detail.


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6 Content Marketing Trends That Will Affect Your Business in 2018

content marketing strategy

Do you plan to start or build upon your content marketing strategy in 2017? Want to know the major trends likely to affect your campaign?

Digital Marketing Philippines share the content marketing trends they think you should keep an eye on in this info-graphic.

Here’s what makes the list:

  1. Increased usage of B2B content marketing
  2. Increase in the B2B content marketing budget
  3. Continuous importance of documented content marketing strategy
  4. Top technologies and tactics used in content creation and distribution.
  5. Measuring ROI – Biggest Challenge for B2B content marketers
  6. Content marketing outsourcing

Check out their info-graphic for more detail.

Internet Marketing Tips That You Must Familiarize

Having a website is not enough as a matter of fact, it takes more than having a website to make it online. There are years of hard work and dedication that you must put in to attain a competitive online marketing position. For this reason, you must have some online marketing tricks up your sleeve. The reason is because, without internet marketing, your online business will be as good as dead.

One of the best ways to market your website or business online is by use of SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can take your site to a whole new level with a premium website template. A level where your competitors will not be able to beat you. Continue reading “Internet Marketing Tips That You Must Familiarize”