What Your Website Font Says About Your Business

What type of font have you used on your business website? Are you wondering what emotions your font choice elicits in your website visitors?

Not every font style works well on a website, so choosing the style first, and then the font is important. The most common styles are Serif and Sans Serif. But there are also Display fonts, Modern fonts and Script (or handwriting) styles. Script fonts should never be used unless an overly stylized approach is expected, such as for wedding planners or craft stores. Display and Modern fonts can be good for headlines or subheads on a website, but should be used sparingly. Nor is every font readable when used in the body of the website. Something that is too skinny or too wide will be hard on the eyes and difficult to read.
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A Guide To Font Selection In Design Psychology

The kind of fonts you use in design, says a lot about your personality. Today, there are about 33,000 fonts on the internet. Websites like make it a little difficult to make the right fonts choice because when creating a design, one has to be careful about fonts selection, this has a way of conveying the right message to your website visitors.
Need to learn what your website fonts say about you?
Get VoIP shares a guide to font selection in design psychology in this infographic.

They share examples in the following categories:

Slab Serif
All caps

Check out their infographic for more detail.

Guide To Font Selection


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