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20 Interesting Facts About Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, second only to Facebook. The social platform has over 158 daily active users and is growing more and more each day. Some of these statistics are pretty interesting, especially for brands that are using Snapchat for business.  To help visualize these stats a little better, we created this 20 Interesting Facts About Snapchat Infographic, which includes some of our favorite statistics.

With Snapchat gaining more and more users each day, it’s important for brands to take advantage of the platform’s user-base and advertising capabilities. Learning more about who Snapchat’s users are and how they’re using the platform is necessary, before deciding if Snapchat is right for your business.

Check out our 20 Interesting Facts About Snapchat Infographic below and let us know your thoughts. Feel free to give it a share on Facebook or on your own website.

Facts about snapchat

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