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10 Reasons Da-Manager is the Best

15+ Years Experience

Established in 2014, Da-Manager has gathered the best in skills and experience over the years, and this reflects in the high quality of web hosting services we offer in Nigeria.

Competent Technical Support

Our team of Technical Support personnel are highly competent and are able to assist with resolving issues that have to do with our Lagos web hosting servers in a timely manner.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident enough in our web hosting offers to back it up with a no-questions-asked 30 days money-back guarantee.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

We have invested extensively in our own server and network hardware and only make use of the best enterprise-grade hardware for all aspects of our Lagos web hosting solutions.

World-Class Data Centres

We make use of only world-class data centres across Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa who all deliver excellent environments for our web hosting equipment.

Choice of Local Hosting

We offer the choice of having your website physically hosted in Lagos Nigeria. In addition to meeting local data hosting requirements, your website, email and/or are delivered at high speed within Nigeria.

Excellent Up-time & Reliability

In addition to reliable hardware, our network is highly optimised for low latency and high speed while our hardware are located in a reliable data centre with 100% power uptime.

IPv6 Ready

Our dual-stack autonomous network supports native IPv6, even in Nigeria. This makes us future-proof as we are able to deliver web traffic within and outside Nigeria over IPv6.

Weekly Backups

We offer reliable weekly backups and can assist with restoring the same where necessary.


Web Hosting is a collection of services that include the storing of websites, web applications, databases, and emails on servers. They are then delivered via internet traffic to end-users. It is a necessary service for having a website or email.

Da-Manager is not only a web hosting agency in Nigeria but also offers to host solutions from data centres in other countries. A customer can make a choice of the data centre during the ordering process.

Web Hosting in Nigeria implies hosting websites, email, databases, etc locally from a data center within Nigeria, thus offering very fast delivery within the country. Da-Manager is the first Web Hosting company to deploy server and network infrastructure in Nigeria thus offering real local hosting solutions.

Da-Manager web hosting prices start from as low as 500 Naira per month.

Prices vary widely. Da-Manager prices are published on the sales page for the respective services.

This is the amount of data that is allowed to be transmitted to and from a web hosting account on a monthly basis.

Da-Manager is a web hosting agency in Nigeria and we are 100% confident in the quality of  hosting service we offer in Nigeria and can be considered as the best web hosting service. Our reasons are fully outlined here.

Both Linux and Windows Hosting essentially deliver very similar services with the main difference being, Windows Hosting can support programming and MSSQL database systems while Linux cannot. If those are not a factor, Linux Hosting is most popular and suitable for most deployments.